Registration Q & A

Can a vitaxel member have more than one account?

Can a person below age 18 years old join to become Vitaxel member?

How many options does the registration package offers?

There are 4 registration packages available.

Can the personal data, phone, address and bank account number be changed after registration?

Yes, the personal data, phone, address can be changed through our back-end office except bank account number can be done via e-mail.

Can i cancel my membership after joining?

Full refund will be given within 10 days from the date of joining. However there will be no refund if the membership is cancelled after 10 days. The registrant will have to send an email to cs@vitaxel.com for the cancellation.

After the account is cancelled, how long does it take for the company for the refund?

You have to submit the application form and vitaxel tax invoice, the refund will then be deposited into your bank account within 30 days from the approval date of the application.

How do i obtain and use VPoint(VP)?

a) Distributors can obtain VPoint by sponsoring new distributors.
b) Distributors can then immediately redeem the VPoint for company products or Ho Wah Genting Holiday travel packages.

May i ask if the travel package is by free and easy travel or by group tour?

We offer both free and easy travel or by group.

Can i bring my friends and family if i qualify for the travel package?

Vitaxel allows only the peers to bring friends and family to travel together.

What will happen if do not pay monthly fee after joining?

Distributors are required to renew their membership fees every 6 months. In failure to renew the membership fees on the seventh month, the team commission will not be counted towards the distributor bonuses. Upon failure to renew the membership fees within 12 months, the company shall revoke the distributors membership 2 weeks after the dateline specified.

What type of of payments does the company accepts?

The company only accepts the following forms of credit cards payments as shown below.

How do i receive bonuses(rewards)?

a) The company will transfer the money to your bank account within 5 working days.
b) The payment will be processed on the 1st and 16th on every calendar month.

After sponsoring a new partner, 'Leg 1' is indicated on the background display. What does that mean?

The system will automatically arrange the line placement for the first sponsored partner. Subsequently, distributors will be able to arrange their line placement for the second sponsor.

Can we convert the membership fees into travel points?

Yes, you can convert the membership fees into VPoint. As long as you have enough points, you will be qualified for our travel package.

What is recommended internet browser?

Firefox internet browser/Google chrome.

Why do registered member experience problem when using online card payment in google chrome?

Please change the settings of your chrome browser.

Entrepreneurship related issues

Is Vitaxel promoting Direct Marketing/ Network Marketing/ MLM?

The licensed registered by Vitaxel is direct sales license. It is different from the traditional understanding of people regarding direct
sales. We are using the franchising system, becoming a copying system (DMS – Duplicating Marketing System), companies using this
system such as insurance companies, direct marketing, MLM, 7-11, KFC, SUBWAY, etc. all belong to this category.

Vitaxel has not opened any branch in my country, can I join membership?

Yes, the main business of Vitaxel is operating through the web, upon joining membership; you can choose the country of residence
such as Taiwan, Singapore, or even Thailand distributor.

What channel does the company used to distribute the bonuses?

After joining as Vitaxel sales distributor, the company will open an E-Account (E-Wallet) on your behalf. All bonuses will be credited
into your E-Account. You can then directly use the bonus from your E-Account to purchase any of the company’s products or apply
for our Payonner’s Debit Card to withdraw from our E-Account.

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